Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Discount Orchestra Remixed

9.11 Coming in on one this week on Junodownloads UK Broken Beat…s-week/tracks/ The dub version of the remix is a bonus when buying the whole EP on Batov Bandcamp…andcamp-only Many Discount thanks to Solo Moderna, DJ Inko, Rumpsteppers, and Gypsy Hill, for their fantastic tweakery on this EP Dragging The Discount Orchestra music kicking and squealing into the digital age.. Each producer took the remix to a different direction: Gypsy Hill - "DUB IT UP"!!! Solo Moderna - There is only one guy that can do what he does! DJ Inko - comes with a great dancfloor remix that you wouldn't want to end. Rumpsteppers - Well... Those guys are just KILLING IT!! what a banger! \


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