Monday, 26 May 2014

Cumbia Kingston digital and on vinyl!

A very new Solo Moderna track, called Cumbia Kingston, has been compiled on French Columbian Galletas Calientes Records. The compilation under the name of Demencia Tropical (Alien Sounds From The Tropics). Feeling very at ease with other allienized producers, coming from all wind directions, there is Kosta Kostov, Rafael Aragon, Cero39, Dj Click and Los Piranas to name some. Expect some unexpected and delightful fusions of tropical genres! Coming on cd, download and a special selection on vinyl!!! Cumbia Kingston has been blogged on Generation Bass and charging up at Juno Downlaods UK, also the place to buy the piece. The Kacksters EP did pretty well as it was blogged on the first and oldest electroswing on Spanish Cassetteblog: and on Lord Sassafras Jordi Auguri Blog. At the last momment there was an extra remix coming in by Danish/Dutch producers Mashti and Polyesta. A very fresh and electrofied version of Hoop E Kack, quite a surprise. And if all are ok even in a short time theres another remix coming from the UK!! This month I finished up a remix for Forth Knox Five Records in Washington US. All very excited about it!! Soon more information about that. A special note about a very nice gig with dj Siroj last week as a Gipsyfestival preparty and coming up on 7 juni I'm back playing in Bergen op Zoom where the jazz still is being reanimated with Jazz on Route I'm residating Cafe Les Vedettes!

Buy Cumbia Kingston @ Juno Download UK here

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