Sunday, 6 April 2014

10 April The New Kacksters EP!

Blogged on the first and oldest Electroswing blog,! 10 April will be the releasedate of Solo Moderna & The Hep Catchers The Kacksters EP, with remixes by Mondo Cane, Tobi SoundNomaden and Rees K.A.K. The Kacksters EP is based on a cooperation between Solo Moderna and The Hep Catchers who met on a Circus Hoppa show at Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This upcoming EP reveals it's new direction on The Kacksters EP with 5 versions of the track Hoop E Kack ranging from electroswing to folkstep to some faster breakbeats. The antique Hoop E Kack happens to be a tune witch never leaves the head! It is a perfect question and answer between banjo and piano, the hileric laughing saxlines and catchy melancholic female vocal improvisations makes it all comes together! All remixes and original are dancefloor ready made by remixers like Mondo Cane from Italy, Soundnomaden from Germany and the faster breakbeat party by Rees K.A.K. Hope you have a nice listening!

Esta Polyesta(Netherlands) The master of crazy music
Rafael Aragon (Paris France Latinarabia Studio) Dope quality here !! looking forward to the album !
Doctor Stereo (Buenos Aires, Argentina Producer) Always nice to listen to your crazy sounds!
Ru Robinson ( Bournemouth, Britain Electroswing producer) It is highly important that i plaY this soon!
ParisDJs( Paris France dj's) Stupid & Wack in a very good way :-)
Canalh(Medellin Columbia musician Dj remixer) jaaaaaaaa jaaaaaaaa jaaaaaaaa
Kosta Kostov (Cologne Germany dj producer) The off beat kibg is back :-)
Ojo Torrado( Utrecht Holland (blogger, producer promotor mc) This makes me so happy!^^
Fat Harry Hong Kong Ping Pong (UK dj promotor) Incredible!

Available on Solo Moderna Bandcamp from release date!

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