Friday, 29 November 2013

Early Solo Moderna New Years Новый год Remix

Dj Qoutes:
Matt Catt stomping!!!!
Kkostov great!
El Loco Inglès oppppppa!
Dj ByrNe Top work again...
FLUCHANKA SELECTA Great! thank's :-)
Chamuko Ea ea Dick Dale!
Ru Robinson oh yes! thanks
Balkan Hotsteppers Ow yeah ! that typical good ol' solo moderna sound! !
Lazarus Soundsystem super! ga ik in men setje verwerken voor dit weekend! thx voor de download!
Señor Elias nnnnn nnnn nniiiicceee!!!
DJSUPERSTEREO yeepppaaa!!!love it!!!! '
Dj Spery Speedy balcumbia! Nice and funny, thanx for the dl! :)
Señor Griff Sounds like a 'Rambunctious Social Club' classic already! Looking forward to playing it. Many thanks!

Pop the corks with this party brass balkumbia remix! This is a remix I did for very talented Balkan group Rvi Meha Orkestra from Novosibirsk from a track called New Year, so you will be prepared for the holidays!! And already a free download gifted, don't forget to push the like button and you will be very welcome!
Denzo Miranaff from Rvi Meha Orkestra explains: 'Russian rock at 90s was very depressed and we all grew up on this musik. We then started to listen to other styles of music. In our case it was balkan music. This is not a folk song, it's our understanding of Russian rock and balkan musik.'

Lyric translation:
New year, new year, guests come to us.
Jolly Santa Claus with a bag of us comes.
Long-awaited holiday in every one home.
Loud popping firecrackers fun circle.(veselo krugom-fun cirkle)
Christmas tree lit with bright lights.
On the table is a salad and a bowl with dumplings.
Freezes on the window waiting for moonshine bank.
Nice holiday comes to us, starts hurdy-gurdy!(zavodi sharmanku - starts hugry dugry)

Рви Меха - Шашлычок ЖИВЯКОМ

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