Monday, 25 March 2013

Solo Moderna Remixes, SMR Releases and Gigs

Lots of nice news for coming period!! Two Solo Moderna remixes are out now for Italo Brass Balkan Orchestra, Kaligola Disco Bazar and for freeeee!! Fanfare Tigre and Porn Corn where fused with electro and cumbia ingredients and check out the result on my Soundcloud. Fanfare Tigre features on Ghettofunk biweekly scour blog . Secondly there's a second release on SMR by Dutch group Balkan Ragga Amariszi! They are gonna release a four track single together with Irieginal Abraham (Beef) presenting the perfect summer recipe for 2013: Banana. Besides a brand new radiomix Amariszi asked Cafe de Calaveras, Dj Daboo and undersigned to get it tru their blenders! Fruity and smoothie! Releaseparty in Amsterdam Sugarfactory the 27th! Just a little tickets left! Next Saturday there will be a one hour Solo Moderna mix and interview on WDR Radio Funkhause Europa, Lukasz Tomaszewski held with me. Lot's of new material in the mix and I tell you the Solo Moderna story... For the once who remembered Combo Moderna, the start of Solo Moderna, some never released tracks are gonna be released on Schema Records. Helium Dance EP did very will and ended up as high as the second place in Bestsellers Dancehall/Ragga!! Still for sale here on Junodownload UK Coming up soon is a Helium Dance Remixed EP, 2 remixes are already in and it's gonna be an amazing EP I'll tell you! Upcoming gignews is that I'm gonna do Kompottparty (Babuschkabreaks, Gypsyswing, Vodkamusika, Tropicalpolka!!) in Cologne Germany and headlining a festival in Bergen Op Zoom.. in May! Soon to be more on this..

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