Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Helium Dance EP for sale on Juno/Bandcamp 28 February

By the likes of Caballo, Canahl, Balkan Hotsteppers, Robert Luis, Farrapo and Cafe De Caveras; on the 28th of January my new Ep, Helium Dance will be releasing on my brandnew label SMR and will be available on Juno downloads UK, SMR Bandcamp and on a later date on Itunes, Spotify, Amazone. A couple of styles containing Balkan, Cumbia, Ragga and Socca mixed up with 8 bit bytes matching revolting lyrics in a sweet package and complexity mixed with simplicity... Linernote about this EP : "His Global Highness pitches up on new Helium Dance EP! With “Sonido Pouble EP” still in mind this is an ode to all the real high voices, the little unknown creatures, the little giggles, the eek-a-mouses, the cartoon characters witch made us all laugh a little or stumach acing. Humor glues us people together, by all means necessary a big gift!"

Helium Dance EP SMR001
1 Helium Dance
2 Escobar
3 Balkatons Socca
4 Ooh My
5 Where Is My Sweet Ninja
6 Last Turnorgan

Quotes about Helium Dance EP:
Dj Cafe de Calaveras Bring it on!! =D
Dj Sr. Lufthansa Brilliant man!!! :D
Label Fremdtunes Te gekke tune dit...
Dj Caroll You're definitly a crazy boy !!!!!! i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dj Kosta Kostov Killa!
Balkan Hotsteppers Love it !
Dj Swank'n'Jams This is making me dance and laugh in equal measure...well done!
Dj Caballo Loco
DjMozka Genial amo tu stylo amigo
Dj ByrNe Amazing funky skanky stuff as always

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