Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rare Solo Moderna Mashups and Remixes

Still enjoying last gigs in Amsterdam, Antwerp(BE) and Aalten! On picture behind the desks on Electroswingclub Amsterdam, Dj Ramses, Djimbolia and myself in an exstatic mood! Met some nice hipsters during the gigs ranging from Ari (Balkanari & the God) and Gregor owner of Mofo in the nicest club of Antwerp to Max Pashm in Amsterdam( UK organiser of ESC)! Sorry bout the wine Max... And almost forget most talented Electroswinggroup The Hepcathers! Next gig in Luxor Arnhem on 25th together with Balkanari as pre/after Mestizo party!
And I found some rare Solo Moderna mixes, mashes and remixes the last week. First of all Mexican Dj Mozka dropped an amazing 3 ball/tribal banger with some Scatterer vocals in it coming from Sonido Pouble EP. Secondly Superperdios did a mash between Copia Double Revolution and Sonido Pouble, they blend with ease! Thirdly it's Hubbz who happened to be inspired by my Music Man remix and made his own D&B cut witch takes it to a next level. Fourthly I found a oldy remix I did for Dutch group Sinas and still like that after all. Last but not least is a snippet of Carimbò Do Farrapo (Solo Moderna Remix) coiming from DJ Farrapo's last double cd witch has been released on Agogo Records. Cheers and happy listening!!

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