Wednesday, 16 November 2011

See A Sound Part 2

Listen here "fresh from the persh".. get an exclusive little peak in the developing of a Solo Moderna track in Dutch See A Sound Project, a cooperation between designers and producers. This mistery comes to an end about a few weeks resulting in a Fremdtunes release with the 9 duos and an exposition or something.. This titless peace is a reaction on artwork of Studio Boot the studio of Petra Janssen and Edwin Vollebergh .. So check this as "See A Sound" refers it as "Dub Funk Aside Butch":))... Didn't know that style one, but fat! See-a-sound is an interdisciplinary project with 10 designers and 10 producers/DJ's interlinking - to work on a silkscreenprint and music exposition, which will be held at BKKC Tilburg in 2012.

20 okt 2011 Tilburg

8 November 2011 Den Bosch

16 November Tilburg Solo Moderna See A Sound - 16 november 2011 by see-a-sound

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