Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mambo Ete Santos

Happy that I found this little treasure,called by the name "Mambo Ete Santos" made by producer Santos, living in TIjuana, Baja California Mexico. I must say that a google translation on his Spanish bio can give some strange results I won't mention it here, it would be so embarrising.. "Mambo of the Saints" would be coming close and I'm learning that Santos has been djing for a few years has produced a new EP and suprise, suprise it's a free pick, so hurry up there won't be a few left, this mambo aswell! About "Mambo Ete Santos", it's a crazy percussive driven peace, climaxing in a beatifull way, with a swing mood aboard and latinized or cumbiazed maybe, in everyway it's a very original peace ready to concer the dancefloor and will have a special space in my recordbag, peace~!

Mambo ete-santos by santos

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