Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fremdtunes The Series Volume 1

""Fremdkunst remix by Solo Moderna Producer/DJ Solo Moderna hooked us up with a superb, crazy, dubby Fremdkunst remix. This superfunky track will be released on our second release ‘Fremdtunes – the series volume 1′ (vinyl!). This label sampler will also feature music by Coco Bryce (ft Gumshoe, Incks & Mace), Kid Sundance (OptiMace remix) and DJ Optimus. You can check a snippet of ’Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers – Solo Moderna remix’ on soundcloud.""
Check Fremdkunst blog more Fremdtunes

DJ Vindictiv Music Phatter den Phat
Ezequiel Lodeiro Ezee Madness on the dancefloor!!!
Frietboer Fonky ish :)
Dusty(Jazz&Milk) Love this sound ;) great work as usual!
Pushin Wood Soundsystem Funky Dubstep! I like
Fremdtunes Better than the original!

Fremdkunst Sidewalk Surfers (Solo Moderna Remix) Preview Snippet by Solo Moderna

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