Friday, 9 July 2010

Ska Hop and Boogaloo

The man who brought you the fabulous "Partió la Tabla" and "Cartoon Tune" last year is back with a double whammy of deliciously swinging electrified Latin ska-hop boogaloo; four sides, four tracks in a beautiful cardboard package designed by the slightly fabulous Txarly Brown (of Achilifunk fame). Luscious! Makala, or Mikel Unzurrungaza Schmitz as his mother calls him, surfer dude, music freak and all round good guy, hails from the picturesque Basque town of Zarautz. Having entered the music scene in the nineties as part of the Novophonic posse (with Javi P3z and Txarly Brown), he quickly established himself as a versatile musician, producer, DJ and remixer; playing all over Spain and Europe with Javi P3z Orchestra, Makala Banda, Makala Sound System or Funkel Sound System. Apart from that, he hosts his own radio program Boom Shaka Laka on the Basque station E-Gaztea.

Ska con Boogaloo by Dj Makala

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