Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Wee Teaser...

Let's get ready for some real electroswing here, by the name of The Correspondents, swing-hop duo, MC Mr Bruce and DJ/Producer Mr Chuckles, they collaborate to make Hip Hop for the 1930s, Big Band music for the 00s. "Splicing swing samples with squelchy synths over dusty drum loops they’ve depicted a modern day journey into time of rogue’s, lust, affordable clowns and foot-tapping toe curling "get your brogues on" dance floor swing beat" so their bio says. The track here goes by the name "A Wee Teaser..." a little loop of something Mr Chuckles is working on sans Monsieur Bruce (for the moment). Rather crunchy and unfinished it tells the splicing skills, it's really a rough and amazing peace and that's what we like here! Again we've got one, we wanna play again and again.. Looking forward to EP and album!

A wee teaser... by The Correspondents

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