Monday, 26 April 2010

Walkin Sbace

One of my all time favorites, UK DJ Graham B., residents in Amsterdam, Holland and now and then we´ve coincidentally meet in Sugar Factory and Paradiso for instance and in the past we also have been spinning together in Alkmaar, all Holland.. Graham B. produced a wunderfull track here in the jazz and breakbeat tradition called Walkin Sbace and will be included on a compilation called Fresh Out The Box this summer! Graham B.´s first solo album "No room For Chairs" released on London based Freestyle Records , he´s the man behind Jazz Juice and Electro Coco and has been doing some nice remixes for Praful, Flow Dynamics and Mo´Horizons! And currently he is one of the infamous gang of four at Amsterdam's Sugar Factory on a progressive Ecclectro night called DiscoCult! So check his track on Reverb Nation, witch is new for me, a social network between label, artist, management, venue and fans.


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