Thursday, 1 April 2010

La Douce Party

On this Dutch windy thursday there´s a fresh contribution by Isaac Peces from Spanish site, who I´ve met on facebook. He´s been doing a review about Irma La Douce!!

"La Douce Party is one of the most recognizable compilations within the releases of Irma Records/La Douce. The inspiration has been given by cocktail party type of music, TV series of the 50s, or easy listening music of the Italian dance halls. This leads to a combined product of nu-jazz, lounge and all kind of variations. So this third edition I think is the most varied collection and daring, of those published so far, although previous editions are essential too. The series have always been included with memorable tracks and remixes of notable performers like Robert Passera, Black Market Audio, Frank Popp Ensemble, Nicola Conte, DJ Rodriguez or Montefiori Cocktail. Here there´s little time for relaxation, served as a casual dance, full of contagious rhythms and grooves."

"The heterogeneity begins with perhaps the best piece of the album, the remix done by Dutchman Solo Moderna: The fixer, originally made by Acusmatic Group, results in a piece, most catchy, cinematic and funny, possibly the most important part of the compilation. Another track that is not far behind, Bengie vom friseur Frisch Jumping in a style of typical nu-jazz, rich of nuances and Latin references. Break the rythm to modern rock comes for Shiffers, who never would imagine to be on a compilation like this if not having brief electronic tickets for interesting pop, that could work perfectly as a soundtrack for any teenage number. Following the line to well known producer Max Sedgley, who has been including a remix for Aldo Vanucci, a character who has been the key in understanding new touches of breakbeat, soul and funk and presents Devil inside, black voices together with contagious beats. Issues to notice are the inclusion of Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra, with a groovy seventies motion and bossa-nova DJ Rodriguez at its most quietness, or issues with a surprising tittle like Puta, Masquenada Blade & Family, which, despite with ease the chorus is sung, it may be one of the most danceable tracks and afro-electronics of the compilation. Also note worthy is the housy Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair, and when gradually closing the disc there´s another jazz house production and remix by Module 5, Focus on sight."

Buy Irma La Douce Vol.3 here!

1 The Fixer (Solo Moderna remix) by Solo Moderna

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