Monday, 26 April 2010


Lazy munday´s break through´s beginning with a fresh track called Latinazo by Argentinian Ezequiel Lodeiro. We´ve met on myspace some time ago and he has been seriously developing since! Latinazo is his third release so far after been included on the Jockey Themes 12 inch by Gallop Records and a 7 inch under the name Doctor Stereo, both in 2009. We´re dealing with a Latin driven track witch is of an oustanding quality and will definately work were it´s been made for, the dancefloor! With the likes of dj´s like Laurent Garnier, Dj Farrapo , Simbad, Malakka, Kid Loco and Ursula 1000 to name some, this 10 incher on Soul Funk label Soulfood from Argentinia, will have a lot of potential to become 2010´s big favorite, I´ll tell you, so feed your soul with his profile here and check the track!

El Latinazo (Original Soulfood mix) by Ezequiel Lodeiro > Ezee

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