Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Pictures by Lennard Schoonheim

Two Dutch dj´s and producers, DJ Mace and DJ Optimus joined forces and started a brand new independent recordlabel called Fremdtunes! Congratulations by this blogspot!! "The label depends on ear for true musicianship and is inspired by an ‘almost anything goes’ state of mind. Fremdtunes music is always remarkable, unpredictable and often crosses boundaries: from jazzy boombap beats to spherical electrohop." "Fremdtunes’ first release is the album Fremdkunst by DJ Mace. Fremdkunst was initially released independently in 2007 (in a very limited pressing) and will be re-released in a new and revamped style - both musically and visually." "Fremdkunst was the main inspiration for starting Fremdtunes, so it’s only right that this album is the label’s first release. Other projects to be released will include music by: OptiMace, Coco Bryce, DJ Optimus, Kid Sundance and Solo Moderna." All scratches on Solo Moderna releases are by DJ Mace. To get a snap of their skilles they made me very happy with this free grab on Soundcloud called ‘Herbie goes klappiebam’. It´s loosely based on Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rock it’ and Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour de France’!

Fremdkunst - Herbie goes klappiebam by fremdtunes

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