Sunday, 11 April 2010

Carnaval Do Brazil

It´s hard but always hope to stay humble dear readers.. but the fact that remixes keep licensing proofs The Hoop Loop remix, I was happy to found it for the second time on Wagram, a French label/distibution with artist like Caravan Palace and welknow Shaggy of a long list filled stable and their distribution of the famous Budha Bar serie of lounge, chill out and world music. This 2010 compilation is called "Carnaval Do Brazil" and contains artist like N.A.S.A, Quantic, S Tone Inc, Truby Trio, DJ Gregory, Gerardo Frisina, Chinese Man, later more about these men, and many, many more!! So in one hit your complete collection of latest Brazilian orientated themes is completely up to date by hitting this compilation. The promotion says "and if you cannot make the carnival in Rio, let it come to you with this nifty 60 cuts 4CD set dripping with cool bossa influenced tunes". Well unfortunalety to late for carnaval for me this year.., so let the music come, let it come I say!

Carnaval do Brazil (4CD) Wagram 3214022 CD

The Hoop Loop (Solo Moderna remix) by Solo Moderna

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