Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Still enjoying an early sunny day today in April with the track Fabregas by UK You&Me witch gives the perfect summerly forfeeling, so summer you can come now! Me&You is a project from TM Juke and Robert Luis, they joined together and last one is labelboss from UK label Tru Thoughts. The track here Fabregas is coming from their album, infact double CD "Music For Birthdays" witch is out a little while on Tru Thoughts with remixes, re-edits and re-versions of tracks covering hip hop, soul, afro, breakbeat, drum and bass, bollywood, jazz and disco, all with an eye to the modern ballroom. This one is a perfect combination of Latin and beat witch already has been filling dancefloors outthere I supose, this all in same tradition of style like Matenlo, Resense, Una Mas, the Mo´Ho´s, Fania Allstars and Boutique Chic to name a few! Would be nice to fill a whole evening with this latin craze! You can check a remix I´ve done for them from their first 7" The Hoop Loop and The Fixer remix got in Robert Luis charts of 2009 on Unfold radio. Introducing again a duo on the blog I admire, you´ll problably understand if you have a listen..

Fabregas by robertluis

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