Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chinese Man?

Based in France, a mistery, who are they? Where are they? And more particularly what are they? If you really wonder, these few lines won't be that useful... One quarter Cantonese, two thirds Manchou, appearing to be from the Wu Tang Mountain, not far from Marseille. In 2004 they decided to send his disciples around the world to spread the Zen spirit with old music samples and supersonic bass!
When I played the track "Artichaut" from Chinese Man lately the dancefloor went crazy, this scratching, 20s, hiphop tune gets you right where it needs to hit you right between the legs and dance dance.. The track is coming from Wagram´s Electro Swing compilation(there´s a second version out) and about these mistery Chinese man I absolutely had to know more and this it what I found.
Chinese Man broke out on the scene in 2005 with the release of its first EP, "The Pandi Groove EP" (500 units). In 2006 and 2007, “The Bunni Groove EP” and “The Indi Groove EP” are released (1.000 units) and quicly become a critical and commercial success despite their confidential release. Symbolic of the multiple influences of the crew, these first vinyls opened the way for instrumental hip-hop crafted with slices of funk, pinches of dub and a splash of traditional music.
On the menu of this new volume, Groove Sessions 2, solo Sly experiments, a detour into the underground and with some of the best MCs of the "Fresh Coast" there´s a new production of the trio Chinese Man!

Check it here:

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