Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Crazy World by Caroll!

And here´s an hour mix I got send by my French contributor DJ Caroll. We know eatch other from Myspace and we are mutual fans I tell you! And what a percussion driven mix, she send me.. With a broken beat tradition in mind, Afro and Latin flavoroured, a very nice meltingpot to listen to! It´s a registration live mixed of the festival "Contre Temps" in Strassbourg sometime ago!DJ Caroll, initiator of Are You Jazz Tonight Events" and "Loca Loca" in Lille, all time favorite by labels like Schema and Afro Arts, yes they noticed this busy lady and don´t forget the beatifull colourfull tropical artwork witch always go with her events! Would be so nice if you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Lille and give it a go on her Vida Vida Party!

Flux4-MIX- LIVE-Dj-Caroll-Contre-temps- by Caroll

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