Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The successful club party of this saturday held in De Kring Amsterdam 'Kringtones' started one years ago and is an initiative launched by Ronald Linger aka Mulat and DJ M-C├ęcile. Ronald Linger has a long track record in the Amsterdam night life as a DJ but also as founder of initiatives Bongo Club, Tutti Frutti, Filth 'n Glory, LFTFLD and on March 9 this year he was co-organizer of the Bladenbal. Dj M-Cecile has also for years a familiar face in the Amsterdam night life and a versatile and much sought-after DJ. Many see the "Better" events and locations.
With "Kringtones' they know that a low threshold event is dropping music that can go in all directions. Diversity is the key as long as the quality of the music remains high. "A purist posturing but eclectic danceability" From latin to tribal, electro to breakbeat, house to techno to everything is possible. For each edition some guests will shape the concept. The upcoming edition will be extra festive because it is the first edition of this year.

With Mulat, M-Cecile, Zender, Solo Moderna VJlips

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